New Online Batch - Technical Analysis And Trading Systems Starts Sept 20th, 2023.

       New Online Batch – Technical Analysis And & Trading Systems Starts Sept 20th, 2023.

Wed, 29th May 2024

Monthly Archives: December 2015

Its Gold Baby !!!!

As we are Super bullish on gold from long time Today Still recommend you to buy.

Hope you remember our previous post and have 29422 level in your memories.


Remember If you do not trained yourself for market dynamic you will soon wash out.

Just follow this:

1. Get Trained your self to take own decisions – Strongly avoided tip providers call (included us if you have not gone through any formal training).
2. Believe In You.
3. Do lots of practice and practice of yours market learning.

Best of Luck.

Technically Yours,
Team Technical IQ,

Its Reliance show

We recommend you to buy reliance at lower levels

See today’s high —- its 999

Party UPL

Its Party time.

Technically Yours,
Technical IQ,

Kapas April 778 —– >> 808

We recommend to our subscribers to Buy kapas at 778….

I Just three days Kapas zoomed from lower levels


We are watching 809 level on closing to carry as well as more to add in position.

As its high time to take decision for short term traders.

Technically Yours,
Team Technical IQ,

Crude Analysis

Crude oil NYMEX try to making base at lower levels..

We Analyzed crude made base near 31.61 level area…

If this time it will breach and manage above 34.34 level.

Sharp rally expected in short term.

We are looking at 34.34 level for blast

Crude GIF

We are looking at 34.34 level for blast

Nymex Crude Analyzed

No one can make you rich in this world without formal education/training, Understand and
Step forward to learn and see the change in your trading career.

We are here to serve you.

Technically Yours,
Team Technical IQ,

Pre Budget Nifty on Technicals

Nifty Spot Trading its key decision making area, which decides its long term positional trade.

As we told you in our previous post.

We keenly looking for 7053.90 (7055 roughly) levels on Nifty spot, May be served as a Line of Control between Bulls and Bears.

Just watch

Nifty Spot LoC closing basis 7053.90


Nifty Spot LoC closing basis 7053.90

High probability Bulls may control short term command for near term after budget.

If prices manage to trade above 7053.90 ……. We are looking market may test 7234 …..then upto 7351.

In downside means only below 7053.90 maintain price (Stoploss for bears )may enter in severe panic and can test 6576 in short term.

Learn to take your own decision.

Crude Updates

Something is cooking crude …

on charts we are watching 2242 level.

Then see non stop rally to 2410++++ to upto 2445 and more more

Just Watch 2242


Just Watch 2242

Technically Yours,
Team Technical IQ,

Chana Next

Accumulate Chana at lower level until not close below 4202….


We are looking relief rallies in short term.

To know the details — trained yourself.

Registered with us for next Technical Analysis batches.

Gold 422 to 936

Remember Positional trader never enter again n again in market so we never updates you daily basis

We are positional trader.

Our subscriber started to add Gold on lower levels yesterday

and add aggressively above 29422..

What happened yesterday all know.


To address all questions Do Learn.


Risk Dsiclaimer, markets view is purely based on general guidelines of Technical Analysis. As markets are very dynamic by nature, so forecasting of markets is subject of probabilities not certainties. Before you get started with trading in the financial markets, you should consider your trading and investment goals, objectives, trading experience and your personal risk tolerance.We do believe subscribers/viewers acting on these recommendations or views after assuming all the risk involved then reach to actual judgment for buy or sell. Our site will never ever create any intention for bad information. This is only for your information and guidance. For more information visit: