New Online Batch - Technical Analysis And Trading Systems Starts Sept 20th, 2023.

       New Online Batch – Technical Analysis And & Trading Systems Starts Sept 20th, 2023.

Sat, 20th July 2024

Monthly Archives: December 2015

Barley at 1444

Barley longs may active around 1448 closing basis

and scale up fast above 1466…

Sharp movement seen in upcoming days.

To know targets and stoploss follow us.

Happy Charting !!!!!

Gold from 29129 to 28490

We recommend to sell Gold below 29129….

First positional Target 28490 attained in seven trading session gradually…

But where was the best selling area and stoploss Just ask yourself

Did you know or not ????

To trade with confidence

Start Learning

Silver – Something big move ahead soon

Our Subscribers know everything

As they get trained on regular basis…. Believe us ….. Follow us (Practice for trading game success)


High Alert time for Silver …. Something big may happened soon.

Just focus on 16.04 above closes on COMEX chart for confirmation.

Trading success only possible after formal learning …. now markets not like 2003-2008 kind of…
where any Tom-Dick-Harry was expert.

Now its game of professionals.

Get Trained yourself to compete with them.

We are here to serve you with best trading methodologies.

Nifty Future Intraday strategy

As Analyzed Nifty future attained all its position targets

Do your research

From 7088 to 7450 ……… 7450 to 7725 ++ (It will be kissed today)

So what’s the next ???

We are watching 7751.05 closes on Nifty chart for further rally…

7751.05 closes will be the line of control for Nifty future for short term…

If prices maintain above this level we update our positional target 7841 to in b/w of 8050-8100.

Short term trader may sell on rise today for some correction may come from these level around 7618 to upto 7583.

You Just need to focus on 7751.05 level.

Technically Yours,
Team Technical IQ,


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