New Online Batch - Technical Analysis And Trading Systems Starts Sept 20th, 2023.

       New Online Batch – Technical Analysis And & Trading Systems Starts Sept 20th, 2023.

Sat, 20th July 2024

Monthly Archives: December 2015

(Get Trained – Believe – Practice) – BankNifty from 16250 – 15700 below

If yo think knowing the trading levels are enough —- You are not right but,

It will be the first step towards trading success.

BankNifty Call

Happy Girl

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We don’t only deliver the Technical level ….. But aim to deliver importance the market trading discipline . And
You must understand it to become a super trader.

Learn Charts to trade Commodities/Equities/and other asset class. Next new batch starts from May 21. Registration started from April 4.
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Technically Yours,
Team Technical IQ,

धनिया तैजेी के आसार

Technical Charts पे …. धनिया वायदै के अगले महिने मे

7191 के levels के उप्र्र चलने/भाव के रुक्ने पे तैजेी आ सक्तेी हे


आने वTले समय मे target 8100++ तक दिख्ते हे

Stoploss के लिये whatsapp क्ररे

Technically Yours,
Team Technical IQ,

Banknifty Alert – Short term trader

Bank Nifty starts long from 13950 +++ to target of 16250+++ hit in expiry.

Bank Nifty Ana1

Now We are watching key supply zone in BankNifty 16276-456 range.

Positional momentum not seems dull…on charts.

Positional trader may keep long them self or booked and add again above 16456 closing basis for further move.

What about short term traders ??

Write us to know more.

Happy Charting!!!!!

Crude from 2575+++ to 2455 below

We believe enter like a trader but hold like an investor – Mantra of success.

Crude call

Everything is not free.
These outcomes only come by continues learning — believe —— and years of practice.

and you should to think about that.

In between—->> our subscribers crazy about us.

Happy Charting!!!!
Team Technical IQ,

Our previous posts enough to understand what is the Importance of Technical Analysis learning for financial markets trading

Learning is the key of success in any field viz:

A Doctor takes almost 12 years in formal education

An Engineer takes 4 years

A CA takes 5 years

Even a CFA charter, MBA graduate takes lot of time for learning and after that years of experience.

Then they become confident in his/her work.

So what about trader ???

Just opening an Trading Account, Knowing some key board for buying/selling is enough to become a successful trader in this dynamic markets.

Never Never and Never…..

A Trader must gone through some formal training … believe in & Practice it like other professionals so the chances become bright for a trader to become a super trader.

Technically Yours,
Team Teachnical IQ,


Risk Dsiclaimer, markets view is purely based on general guidelines of Technical Analysis. As markets are very dynamic by nature, so forecasting of markets is subject of probabilities not certainties. Before you get started with trading in the financial markets, you should consider your trading and investment goals, objectives, trading experience and your personal risk tolerance.We do believe subscribers/viewers acting on these recommendations or views after assuming all the risk involved then reach to actual judgment for buy or sell. Our site will never ever create any intention for bad information. This is only for your information and guidance. For more information visit: