New Online Batch - Technical Analysis And Trading Systems Starts Sept 20th, 2023.

       New Online Batch – Technical Analysis And & Trading Systems Starts Sept 20th, 2023.

Wed, 12th June 2024

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Copper Bulls Party will be continued …..

After FED pose ….. What to do next ……

Look this chart …. Be simple and very effective to take decision

Under natural Risk-Reward Practice
(Learn Risk Management skills the only thing We can control in Financial markets trading)


Copper developed new support area near 304.50 levels …..
We already told to our subscribers go for long above 298.50….

So Its right time to add more ……

We Analyze Copper above 311, 2-3 close. Continue its Rally

Our positional targets are 321 and more more…..


Technically Yours,
Team Technical IQ,

Crucial updates Aluminium

This or might be like this chart telling everything about todays metal movement in advance….

Alumnium 1

Then see what happened today

Very strong bullish Technical pattern….. We are looking for 101.55 close/Maintain on charts with volumes

Go long and its best chance (As per risk n reward point of view) to enter

We are targeting 105/109+ ….. and more

Our subscribers/Students know when to add more

Gold positional outlook…

We are looking at 26507 level above closes on Current Gold chartLook at

Above that Gold ready for blast…. non stop rally begin upto 27575 & more……

What will be happened ????, do not know but its a again good time for Gold bulls to add more lots

With Best Risk (Stop -loss ?? ) – Reward (almost 1000 points) point of view.

………….. We are here to Trained you …………

Important time to watch Gold…..

Gold Demand zone 1085-1110 …..


1111 above 2-3 closes may push gold upto 1155 then 1165

Gold 1

Can you take decisions by reading Technical Charts ? (Its work – Help to manage Risk)

————-Its all for Education point of you————

If you do not have basic education about financial markets Trading/Investing think today and opt

” We strongly believe No one tip provider in the world make you rich only your determination, Experience levels make this happen”


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