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Sat, 8th August 2020

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Wow !!!! Its Winner’s party

Do not do Bla Bla Bla

Winners have party tonight ….. Sorry Losers never get the Pass.

Winners Party

We do not say anything Followers know everything and get the party pass too.

“Explore our Gold COMEX Positional Technical View under Technically Speaking section”

We are positional traders.

” Understand Risk Management – Method of Success”

Now we updated Gold Profit Stoploss 27175 closing basis for short term.

In This world no one is 100% accurate/perfect.

World economy conditions keep changing. So that We have to shift our view accordingly.

“Understand Markets are subject of Probability not certainty”

Those market participants understand concept of Stoploss in trading,

They are the only successful Trader.

Risk Management

How a trader can look Stoploss —

1. Initial SL
2. Break-even SL
3. Profit SL

Practice it to see yourself in Win- Win condition.

Silver (COMEX) time to fly

Check our previous post about Silver (Jan 20) – “Shining Silver”

Now We are strongly bullish as key resistance breached and maintained by Silver

If Silver COMEX traded above 14.70 add in tons …

Non Stop rally upto 15.65 will be kissed soon

Silver Running

But knowing the stoploss of flying silver is the key of success.

Good Luck

Its all about “GOLD” :)

Gold making new recent high yesterday (almost kissed 27000) ….

We told you Gold has demand zone around 26500 (MCX) / 1111 (COMEX) (Add on time for positional trader)

Check our previous post

Positional trader will be the only winner and happy

Gold Happy

We are still looking more upside in Gold, But

Where is the profit booking area ???
To know more about positional view subscribe us

“YOU” is the centre

I do believe “YOU” is the most Imp factor in any kind of investment/trading practice.

Its not your procedure not your system not your position sizing not even market itself.

“You” only trade YOUR Beliefs about the market.


Work on “YOU” first then others things.

Story of Market Participants ?????

How u look the market / Whats your vision about markets ???

Are you really ready for market or just the source of brokers commission ???

Understand — These markets are made like this

Entry if very easy —>>> Just filling the form — Margin Cheque & Plus Minus Plus Minus & so on

Happy Broker

And the best thing which is going on now a days…..


Assumption: We just consider Analysis is 100 % perfect.

Case 1. (Brokers Interest – Day Trader – Most trader trade like this) We are looking 7410 (Its your Advisers view not yours – A Person does not know your trading objectives)
And feeding you like this: above 7410 We look at 7450 then 7475 then 7520 then 7570 then 7650 then 7750 ….. and on…….

Case 2. (Profession trader way to see market – real worth maker) We are Bullish above 7410 (Go long) with defined risk and above 7475 close (Professional trader understand ) we add more Positional Target 7750 around (Exit point) – All documented

What is the Difference: Must be –

In case 2 Trader seems trained, Independent to take decision and have clear view about the market and address Risk n/Trading Psychology Naturally. Avoid many trades (Brokers Interest) and have very bright chance to make money.


In Case 1 Trader dependent, In n Out again n again n again in day itself, Just dancing as markets want him/her to dance. Very less chance of success. Finally loose their motto, blame others, seek excuses n ” Called this business – Satta”.

Monkey Dance


A Market winner must has perfection of following skills –

Home Page 1

” Training is the core of success”.

DAX about to set for new rally…

We are Analyzing that DAX index about to enter in short term bull zone

DAX tested its short term cycle key supports

9850 above 1-2 closes may witness for bulls party


To Learn more about Charts

Visit IFS ( Institute of Financial Studies ), Jaipur with prior appointment only on Saturday and Sunday b/w 10 – 12 am

or Explore our training section under services

Important time to watch Gold…..

Gold Demand zone 1085-1110 …..


1111 above 2-3 closes may push gold upto 1155 then 1165

Gold 1

Can you take decisions by reading Technical Charts ? (Its work – Help to manage Risk)

————-Its all for Education point of you————

If you do not have basic education about financial markets Trading/Investing think today and opt

” We strongly believe No one tip provider in the world make you rich only your determination, Experience levels make this happen”


Risk Dsiclaimer, markets view is purely based on general guidelines of Technical Analysis. As markets are very dynamic by nature, so forecasting of markets is subject of probabilities not certainties. Before you get started with trading in the financial markets, you should consider your trading and investment goals, objectives, trading experience and your personal risk tolerance.We do believe subscribers/viewers acting on these recommendations or views after assuming all the risk involved then reach to actual judgment for buy or sell. Our site will never ever create any intention for bad information. This is only for your information and guidance. For more information visit: